The Miguel Hernández University makes available to the university community and society in general, the archive of photographs, videos and audios that have been generated since its creation. More than 22,000 records collected in March 2015 in an initiative promoted by the Communication Office and developed by the Documentation, Archive and Registry Unit and the Information Services. The Audiovisual Archive, integrated into the current Modernization and Administrative Coordination Service, under the direction of the General Secretariat, has doubled the number of its records in just five years.
The Documentary Fund of the Audiovisual Archive is made up of the still and moving images produced and received by the University, which reflect the main acts and people related to university life, as well as their relationship with societies and the geographical and urban environments in which that she is immersed, being a testimony of her life and her growth.
The collection process is carried out in accordance with archival principles, keeping together the audiovisual documents generated in the collection to which they belong and respecting the original order in which they were produced. Their description is linked to the people, institutions and producing bodies through the corresponding metadata, with a special effort in the task of adapting the use and reuse of documents to the reality of the contemporary digital world, maintaining protection at all times of authorship rights.
University president Juan José Martínez lays white flowers in tribute to the COVID-19 victims

Tribute to the COVID-19 victims.